Returns, Exchanges & Shipping Policies

Returns, Exchanges & Shipping Policies


Our website, is a facilitator website. And Bhopal Potters Welfare Development Society is a not-for-profit NGO. We do not take any commission or charges on sale. Our artist friends/vendors who are selling from the website, have contributed INR3000 towards the society.

We, Bhopal Potters’ Market Team and member of the Bhopal Potters’ Development Welfare Society do not ship the products to you or charge you for shipping. The artist/vendor you buy from, will send the products to you directly through their preferred courier service.


What is Bhopal Potters’ Market?

Bhopal Potters' Market is a warm, honest and a heartfelt venture by Bhopal Potters Development Welfare Society. An effort by Ceramists for the Ceramics’ community. Apart from being one of the very popular “Potters’ Markets” in the country, it is also the longest running Potters’ Market in India.

Why is it online this year?

2020 edition also happens to be our 10th Anniversary and we had great plans to make it special! Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic isn’t allowing us to host the grand on-ground event and hence we decided to extend the warmth and experience of our event to our patrons and friends out there, virtually. This way, we also get to reach a new audience… that loves and appreciates ceramics. This website is our effort to keep the bright, vibrant spirit of the Bhopal Potters' Market alive.

How and where does Bhopal Potters’ Market get its products?

Bhopal Potters’ Market is a facilitator website that curates works from ceramic artists in India. The artists upload the works on the website and sell directly to the customers. Since BPM (Bhopal Potters’ Market) is a project of the Bhopal Potters’ Development Welfare Society, it is a not-for-profit venture.

How long is the BPM website going to be online for?

Well, at the moment, we intend to run the website for a month and then depending on the response we get, we’ll decide later.


Since our website is a facilitators’ website, we don’t ship the products to you or charge you for shipping. The artist/vendor you buy from, will send the products to you directly through their preferred courier service. Our artists love and value their own work and since each piece is created with love, they will also take great care in packaging and delivering their products to you.

1. Shipping charges are included in the product cost.
2. All orders will be shipped within 3 days of the order confirmation.
3. Address change will not be accepted once the order has been placed.
4. The shipping details will be sent to you through email or whatsapp. You will not receive any emails from us with shipping details. Your artist will get in touch with you directly regarding your order.


No returns, exchanges or cancellations are allowed.

In the unlikely event that your purchased product(s) arrives damaged, you should email a photo of the damaged product(s) to and the artist/vendor you bought the product from; within 24 hours of receiving the product.

After verifying the breakage, we will then share the contact details of the artist with you and both the parties (artist/ vendor (the seller) and customer (the buyer)) can mutually negotiate the replacement of the product or return of the money.

Bhopal Potters Welfare Development Society and this website does not take responsibility for any damages. For any other questions or clarifications, please reach out to us at


(This will stay on all product pages)
We're a bunch of friendly artists trying to sell our creations. All these pieces on this website are made with love, passion and clay.

When you receive our pieces (or even while ordering), please remember that all pieces on the website are handmade and may have imperfections…

1) Sizes mentioned may differ a little bit (a few millimetres here and there)
2) Since we’re not professional photographers, even the colours may not be exact due to compromised lighting.
3) The artist will ship your purchased piece to you directly. Their address and phone number will be shared with you once the purchase goes through.

Please read our shipping, returns/exchange and cancellation policy before ordering.

Hope you enjoy the experience on this website and the piece(s) you buy.

Thank you for supporting us and our potter friends by investing in our works.